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How To Install Anki Add-ons (simple)

  • Sean 

If you want to install Anki Add-ons, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s the quick guide on how to do this with a visual representation to go with it below.

The Simplified Steps to Installing Anki Add-ons

  1. Open Anki
  2. Go to Tools –> Add-ons –> Get Add-ons
  3. Paste in your add-on code
  4. Restart Anki

Also, make sure to check out my list of the 10 best Anki add-ons for better learning and memory if you want some Add-on ideas.

However, If you want a more visual step-by-step guide, I have created a more detailed way of installing Anki Add-ons below.

A Detailed Guide to Installing Anki Add-ons

Here’s how to install Anki Add-ons with screenshots for each step.

1. Open Anki

First, just open Anki. Make sure to download it first and install it if you haven’t as well.

2. Click Get Add-ons

Next, navigate to the toolbar and click tools –> Add-ons –> Get Add-ons.

Now you are going to need a code for the add-on you are planning on downloading.

3. Copy and Paste in The Add-on Code

Check out the list of the 10 essential Anki Add-ons for better learning and memory if you want a complete list of add-on ideas.

You can also paste in all of the codes at once here to save some time before the next step.

4. Restart Anki

The last step is to just close out of Anki and then reopen it again. A lot of add-ons won’t function if you don’t do this first.

You’re done!