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Here’s How to Import Quizlet Decks Into Anki (Updated for 2023)

  • Sean 

If you want to import Quizlet decks into Anki then this guide is for you. Here’s a simple guide including an updated Anki add-on and some visual instructions.

How to Import Quizlet Decks Into Anki

1. Download Quizlet to Anki 2.1 Importer

First, you are going to need to download Quizlet to Anki Anki 2.1 Importer.

To do this simply Go to Tools>Add-ons>Get add-ons and enter the code 1362209126 into the code field.

Lastly, after the code has been entered, restart Anki by just closing out of it and reopening it.

If you want additional guidance I have another article on how to install Anki add-ons with more detailed instructions.

2. Find The Quizlet Deck URL

Next, you are going to need to enter the URL for the deck you want to import. If you just open Quizlet and go to a deck, it’s the URL at the top of your web browser.

3. Lastly, Import Your Quizlet Decks Into Anki

Now that you have the URL, go to Tools>Import from Quizlet and paste the URL into the “Quizlet URL” field.

There are a few options to choose from here as well.

  1. Import audio: the add-on features the ability to import audio from Quizlet cards as well
  2. Add reverse: this allows you to add the reverse: this will double the number of cards being imported because it creates “reverse cards” that have the answer side show up first. This way you do your flashcards both ways.

Lastly, click “import deck” to import the cards. This will only take a few seconds, depending on how big the deck is.

You’re done!

If you want some additional information on the main differences between Quizlet and Anki, I have another article where I give an in-depth comparison between Quizlet and Anki and explore why 55% of the users I surveyed preferred Anki over Quizlet.