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Hello, my name is Sean and I am currently a Cognitive Science student at a Canadian University. My passion for learning has led me to research the ways in which we can optimize our learning as students. I believe that learning should be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. I am constantly seeking out new ways to make the most out of my learning at university and I write about those things here.

Studying from first person perspective

Should You Study in The Same Place Every day?

  • Sean 

In the end, this is going to come down to personal choice. There is evidence that switching up your locations can be helpful when it comes to preparing for exams. On the flip side, it looks like studying in one place and then imagining the context in which you studied the material during test time can be effective.

Woman sleeping next to clock

What is the minimum sleep you need before an exam?

  • Sean 

If you are struggling to prepare for your university exam you might be thinking of cutting back on sleep. Most people will tell you that your sleep the night of an exam is important, and it is, but there is something else that matters even more.

Note-taking materials

Is Note-taking Just a Big Waste of Time?

  • Sean 

Sometimes it feels like taking notes is a total waste. The power cognitive load can have on your ability to pay attention while taking notes can make note-taking ineffective. Your note-taking strategy should be optimized to minimize cognitive effort through some basic strategies.

Professor reading reviews

Do Universities and Professors Read Rate My Professors?

  • Sean 

Is it true that your professor is looking at the review you left on Rate My Professors? There is research indicating that they are. But beyond just this, these reviews have real implications for professors and the institutions that hire them.

Does Taking a Shower Before an Exam Boost Performance?

  • Sean 

Have you ever wondered if simply taking a shower before would boost your performance on your next exam? the research has some interesting findings when it comes to hot and cold exposure on cognitive performance. The effects of cold showers may be surprising!

Brain refuse to study

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Brain Refuses to Study

  • Sean 

Sometimes when we sit down it feels like our brain is dead set against us focusing or getting anything done at all. Despite how unpleasant this feels there are common reasons behind this.