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Exam Prep

How to Stop Forgetting What You Study

  • Sean 

Are you struggling to remember what you study? This is likely due to the techniques you are using. This article walks you through why you seem to forget the material so quickly and the proper studying techniques to create long-lasting memories.

Why Does Your Mind Go Blank During an Exam?

  • Sean 

Sometimes we sit down for an exam and find our minds just go blank and we don’t remember anything. This has happened to me and it’s only now years later that I realized the causes behind it and how exactly to fix it.

9 Proven Active Recall Techniques to Ace Your Exam

  • Sean 

Learn about active recall and its effectiveness in improving long-term memory retention. Get tips on how to use active recall techniques, including brain dumps, mind maps, teaching others, and more, to ace your exams.

How Long Should You Really Study for an Exam?

  • Sean 

Knowing exactly how long you need to study for an exam can be difficult to judge.

In general, try to spread 10-15 hours over 7-10 days when preparing for your upcoming exam. However, keep in mind that these are not hard rules. Both the hours and the number of needed days will depend on the volume and difficulty of the course material.

Pile of Covered Books

The Best Way to Cram for an Exam in 24 Hours

  • Sean 

Learn how to effectively study for an exam by focusing on high-yield information and identifying your areas of weakness. Find out how to scope your subject and use high-level techniques to maximize your study time.

Woman holding rolls of toilet paper

How to Stop Getting Diarrhea Before Exams

  • Sean 

If you find that you frequently get diarrhoea before exams, you’re not alone. Test anxiety and stress can often cause digestive issues, leading to uncomfortable symptoms. However, there are steps you can take to remove diarrhoea symptoms in the short term and reduce the likelihood of getting diarrhoea before exams in the future.

Gummies spilling onto table

Should You Take Melatonin the Night Before an Exam?

  • Sean 

In general, if you are not already using melatonin or another sleeping aid, then trying one the next before your exam is not a good idea. A potential side effect of melatonin is daytime drowsiness, which could make your exam performance worse.

Woman sleeping next to clock

What is the minimum sleep you need before an exam?

  • Sean 

If you are struggling to prepare for your university exam you might be thinking of cutting back on sleep. Most people will tell you that your sleep the night of an exam is important, and it is, but there is something else that matters even more.

Does Taking a Shower Before an Exam Boost Performance?

  • Sean 

Have you ever wondered if simply taking a shower before would boost your performance on your next exam? the research has some interesting findings when it comes to hot and cold exposure on cognitive performance. The effects of cold showers may be surprising!