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Study Environment

First person perspective of being on a bus

8 Ways Study on Your Commute (that actually work)

  • Sean 

That 30 minutes you spend going to and from college or university is being underutilized. This article explains 8 methods for studying during your commute that you will actually do.

The Best Time to Study for Mental Performance

  • Sean 

Improve your mental performance with the best time to study. Using scientific research, discover when you are most alert and focused to maximize your learning and retention.

Student studying from desk at home

Can’t study from home? 5 Ways to Stay Focused

  • Sean 

Learn practical tips and strategies for increasing your focus and productivity at work or home as a student. Discover ways to eliminate distractions, set achievable goals, and maintain motivation to get things done.

Studying in the Library vs at Home: What’s best?

  • Sean 

Enhance your learning experience by studying at The Library, where you can access a quiet environment for concentration. Or, study at home and enjoy the comfort and convenience of your own space. This article gives you all of the pros and cons and lets you choose which of these is best for you.

woman studying on bed with a laptop while drinking from a mug

Should You Study in Bed? 9 Pros and Cons

  • Sean 

Learn the pros and cons of studying in bed and decide if it’s a good fit for your study habits. This article gives an in-depth look at the different reasons to and not to study in your bed.

How long Can You Study In a Starbucks?

  • Sean 

The short answer is that you can study as long as you want at Starbucks. Additionally, you are not required to purchase anything to sit in Starbucks. However, in order to be polite it’s good to purchase a single drink and then take advantage of the free refill policy.

Studying from first person perspective

Should You Study in The Same Place Every day?

  • Sean 

In the end, this is going to come down to personal choice. There is evidence that switching up your locations can be helpful when it comes to preparing for exams. On the flip side, it looks like studying in one place and then imagining the context in which you studied the material during test time can be effective.