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Man Holding up white card

How to Make Cloze Cards in Anki (Easy)

  • Sean 

Cloze cards are one of the most convenient types of cards in Anki. These can be made extremely quickly and significantly improved through the use of a couple of add-ons.

Woman holding up card with Anki logo on it

Does Anki Actually Improve Your Memory? Are There Better Options?

  • Sean 

In Short, Yes Anki will improve your memory. Anki uses evidence-based principles like spaced repetition and active recall which reduces the amount of forgetting that takes place after reviewing your Anki cards. However, Anki is not without its limitations and there are better alternatives in certain scenarios.

Typing very fast

How to Make Anki Cards Super Fast

  • Sean 

Sometimes making Anki cards can take far too long. If you want to spend more time actually doing your cards than making them then you should follow what I’m about to say.

The Best 10 Anki Add-ons to Supercharge Your Learning

  • Sean 

These 10 essential plugins for Anki will totally transform your Anki experience by allowing you to get more done faster and with a better experience along the way. These Anki plugins have totally transformed how I use the software as a memorization aid.